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Google reactivates the Google Wallet service

febrero 14, 2020

Osama Bedier, the Vice President of the program Google Wallet, on 02/14/2012, issued a press release stating:

Yesterday afternoon we restored the possibility of adding new prepaid cards to the "wallet". In addition, we published a correction that also covers existing prepaid cards.

Indeed, following the discovery of two security holes (security exploits) within Google Wallet, the possibility of adding prepaid cards to the "virtual wallet" had been suspended. Bedier himself had released a statement, immediately after the discovery of the exploits, to reassure users that Google would take measures to protect their users.

For those who do not know it, Google Wallet an innovative payment service launched by Googleche allows users to pay through technologyNFC. In practice, owners of a smartphone capable of supporting this technology (currently only the Samsung Galaxy Nexus S 4G), just download the application from the market and configure their "Virtual Wallet" with prepaid cards (currently only MasterCard is supported) to make payments simply by bringing the mobile phone closer to the terminal.

As a result of these events, the controversy over the effective security of online payments is rekindled: in fact, if even a giant like Google managed to make such heavy mistakes, the skeptics say. Moreover, the thefts of this summer from the credit cards of users of the PSStore they have done nothing but endorse this thesis.

It is also to be considered that the hacking giants themselves of the caliber ofKevin Mitnick have specifically stated that "There is no IT system in the world that is 100% safe". A philosophical problem that arises in the eyes of users when similar events occur: in fact, it must always be remembered that “there is no perfect algorithm because every algorithm designed by a human head is imperfect in itself "

In any case, there is no doubt that the future of payments is online, therefore, also accepting the evils, we need to think about how well these forms of payment do (just think of the policy applied by Apple for some years now, which with the sending online receipts contributes to the rescue of many trees).

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