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Foxconn denies factories reopening dates in China

In the past few hours, the reopening plan of the Foxconn factories in China had emerged, with the aim of reaching 50% of production capacity by the end of February and then rising to 80% in March and then at full capacity by April. Although not official reports and numbers have been reported by Reuters and believed to be reliable by observers.

Now for Foxconn not only does it deny the report, but it does not offer any alternative timing and, worse still, it does not announce any update on the current state of the workers' return presences in the plants or on the current production levels.

Recall that Foxconn had plans to reopen its factories in China on February 10, but on that date only 10% of the workers returned to work in the Zhenghzou plant, the largest in the world for the production of smartphones where iPhone 11 are assembled. and iPhone 11 Pro.

Foxconn quarantines iPhone workers and reduces predictions

According to the latest news available, the Foxconn headquarters in Shenzhen, another iPhone factory, is still closed because it has not obtained permission to resume activities from local authorities. Restrictions on circulation, travel on public transport and also the stop of commercial and production activities are some of the measures activated in an attempt to contain the spread of coronaviruses as much as possible.

So even if in the past weeks, when the effects and the spread of coronavirus were not yet clear, Foxconn said that the effects on production and orders would be limited, in the last few hours there are beginning to be significant stretches for the delivery times of Airpods Pro, different Macs especially in customized configurations and in general for different Cupertino products.

Also in the past few hours, the World Health Organization has declared that coronavirus is the worst threat to humanity, while the count of the infected and unfortunately also of the deaths continues to rise. After a long list of withdrawals, the GSMA surrendered relief by canceling MWC 2020. Everything suggests that the forced stop of Foxconn production and factories in China will continue, so at the time of writing, it is legitimate to foresee that delivery times for Apple products the price list could extend further, while the new products that have yet to be announced could slip further ahead in time.

foxconn reopening china

According to the latest reports, Apple and Foxconn are facing an emergency in China by moving part of the production to India and Taiwan, a move perhaps already undertaken also for the beginning of the production of iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2. The block or limitations of Apple engineers in China seems to have also blocked tests and validations of the iPhone 12 5G prototypes expected in September. Apple could still present them in September, but if the situation does not improve, some already predict that the start of the commercialization could be postponed.

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