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False alarm, iPhone Firmware 2.0 confirmed on 11 July

febrero 14, 2020

False alarm, iPhone Firmware 2.0 confirmed on 11 July – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

The App Store and firmware 2.0 arrive on 11 July. The Apple Australia site that launched June 27 had made a mistake. To deny the rumors circulated yesterday on the day about the advance of the store for iPhone and iPod touch applications, Apple itself through its press office has made it known that the opening date of the (virtual) doors of the store does not change.

The hypothesis of an advance to June 27, a Friday, 15 days before the introduction on the market of the iPhone, arose, as mentioned, from a graphic of the Australian site where in the section dedicated to iPod touch the date of June 27 was shown as that of opening the store and, consequently, also of the launch of iPhone Firmware 2.0. The date had confused numerous sites, including ours, forced to make some hypotheses to justify the launch of the iPhone on July 11 and that of the firmware on June 27; among the theses also that the firmware would have been available first for iPod touch and then for iPhone.

Now every misunderstanding has been resolved and the field cleared. Also because Apple Australia has now changed, as seen below, the graphics of the site by eliminating the date of June 27 although it remains to be understood how an error of this magnitude was possible. Among the most reliable hypotheses the fact that the initial date for the launch of the iPhone was precisely June 27 and that all the graphics were already aimed at pointing to that moment, only to change the moment of launch in extremis. The replacement of a GIF may have escaped you in this process, and the date of June 27 appears.

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