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Does Microsoft violate privacy with XP?

febrero 14, 2020

Does Microsoft violate privacy with XP? – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

The complex system of authentication, authorization to use and register Windows XP, added with products such as .Net, Hailstorm and the whole series of network services that Microsof intends to launch in the coming months can threaten user privacy? The answer for now not many American associations have already announced that they will file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission presenting all their concerns in this regard. The intention is to block the launch of the Redmond operating system update based on the potential risks of violation of privacy posed by the system with which the OS is registered and by integration with Passport, the authentication system integrated into the operating system which collects sensitive data, useful for Microsoft to distribute services and access to particular sites. The associations, for which Marc Rotemberg of EPIC spoke, ask that the commission investigate Microsoft's intention to collect data on its users and draw up the profile of millions of them.Epic the association that in recent months has already captured significant successes in the field of privacy protection including the cancellation of plans by Doubleclick to merge the data collected on the Internet with those in its subsidiary, Abacus, whose task is precisely to draw up consumer profiles.

The IT crisis spares no one. In the last few minutes, the news according to which HP, among the world's leading IT players, has announced the cutting of 6000 jobs, the cause would always be the same: the drop in sales. Hewlett Packard predicts that for the current quarter that will close on July 31, the reduction will have been estimated between 14 and 16% compared to the same quarter of the previous year. Hence the decision to cut staff that will lead to savings of approximately $ 500 million a year. It should be noted that HP will suffer a heavy setback especially in the business area with a 24% setback. Until a few months ago, sales in the IT sector had limited experts mainly due to the good performance of the corporate sector.

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