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Data CD with Os X only in summer?

febrero 14, 2020

Data CD with Os X only in summer? – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Now, thanks to the release of version 10.02 (followed later by version 10.03) of MacOs X users of the new operating system can burn CDs. A step forward asked loudly and welcomed with satisfaction by the base that still remains dry-mouthed as regards the creation of data CDs. In fact, as known, the update released in recent days aimed at the production of audio discs and does not allow to archive normal files. To get to this further step forward, it seems to understand, it will be necessary to wait again and perhaps a few more months. Certainly the release of an OSX version of the most popular CD burning application, Toast, will not be immediate. Roxio has made it known that the situation in this regard is still quite complex. "Apple – Toast product manager Victor Nemechek told Maccentral – has used a particular proprietary protocol to give access to CD burning in MacOs X, a protocol that does not have made available to third parties ”In addition to this, Apple has not set any date for the release of the same protocol to its partners. So Roxio has decided to go ahead on his behalf and make drivers for the new operating system on his own. The work has already started, but a compatible version of Toast for MacOs X will not be available until the summer, probably for the MacWorld Expo in New York, when Cupertino will announce the pre-installation of MacOs X on all the new machines. before then, Apple itself may come to the aid of its users. An OS X version of Disc Burner, the CD burning application integrated in all new generation Macs, being developed and may be released in a future revision of the new operating system.

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