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Caution among analysts

febrero 14, 2020

Caution among analysts – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Cautious analysts prevail after the presentation of Apple's tax results. Despite the fact that the Cupertino company has once again managed to beat the forecasts, some obstacles that could become real blocks on the road remain unavoidable. uphill, of the AAPL title. The first general obstacle. The world of IT in a spiral of crisis that shows no sign of unraveling. In particular, the consumer sector, as CNNFN does not tire of repeating that here in the USA it is "covering" the news with attention, among those that present the greatest degree of uncertainty and a large part of Apple's business turns to that area. Not surprisingly, while the PC market dropped from year to year around 20%, Apple's market dropped by almost 43%. The fear of market observers that Apple may not be able to achieve any significant increase in sales and profits in the coming months precisely because of this persistent crisis. Parallel to many sites dedicated to comments and financial analyzes appear very suspicious also on Cupertino's ability to make important proposals for the months to come. In particular, the MacWorld of tomorrow morning (this morning in Italy) is eagerly awaited to verify which strategy Apple will choose: to implement a "circumvention" maneuver by releasing an interlocutory product in the desktop sector, that is, a simply renewed iMac, or present a radically different machine with advanced technological content to tickle consumers? It seems that by now many are convinced that Apple will implement a low-profile strategy and investors have drawn the necessary consequences from it. The AAPL stock after a surge in the course of regular trading (almost + 5%) is now experiencing a heavy drop in the post-session where it is now trading between 22 and 23 dollars against over 25 of the official closing. The buyers are far fewer than those who sell in the belief that the next quarter will not be a scream as Anderson himself admitted and if the quarter is mediocre it means that there will be no new products capable of driving short-term sales.

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