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Belgium outside the iPhone countries of 11 July

Belgium outside the iPhone countries of 11 July logomacitynet1200wide 1

No iPhones in Belgium on July 11th. The country with the capital of Brussels is excluded from the lot of nations where the mobile phone will be available from the day of its launch, this contrary to what was said by Jobs and illustrated on a slide (which we publish below) during the keynote.

The cancellation of Belgium from the day of the "big bang" of the iPhone 3G bounces off some local sites and is confirmed indirectly by Apple that on the Belgian site does not present the black-yellow-orange flag among those of the group "11 July", but in the underlying part, that of the "coming soon". In addition to this, selecting the page of the points of purchase reads "iPhone sera bient t disponible dans les diff rents points de vente Mobistar rpartis dute toute la Belgique" (iPhone will soon be available in several Mobistar points of sale distributed throughout Belgium) .

The reason for the reverse is not known. It could have been a material error or there could be some regulatory reason behind the decision due to the particularity of the local market. As clarified on several occasions by Macity, in Belgium carrier lock explicitly prohibited by law; Mobistar would therefore be forced not to bind the customers to whom it sells the phone for two years and, consequently, could only launch iPhone in an unlocked version (and at full price). This alone could force the mobile operator to prepare a different market strategy; then if Apple were to decide for the launch of the locked and unlocked versions of the iPhone an arrival in different times on the market (maybe for some dark hardware variant), the circle would be closed.

Recall that even France will not be among the first countries where iPhone will be launched. But in the case of the transalpine country, the reason for the postponement appears to be more related to logistical reasons (the national holiday of the taking of the Bastille) so true that there is already an alternative date (17 July), for Belgium there is even talk of September .

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