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Apple third in the smartphone market

In the last period, searches and surveys on the Apple mobile phone have become very popular; after the IDC research and the ChangeWave survey, we are now dealing with the latest press release from Gartner, another leading name among market analysts.

The numbers laid down by Gartner are very comforting for Apple: according to what has been published, thanks to the iPhone, the Apple would have already conquered the third position in the world smartphone market. In the first quarter of 2008, iPhones sold worldwide would have reached 1,725,300 units sold, acquiring 5.3% of the "smart phones" market.

In front of Apple there is again RIM, which with its Blackberries totaled 4,311,814 of mobile phones sold, corresponding to the relative 13.4% of the world market. An even more exciting result if we also consider the 107.3% growth against the same period of the previous year.

Obviously, Nokia could only be in first place: the Finnish giant takes by far the highest step of the podium, with 14,588,600, for 45.25 of the smartphone market share, with a growth of 25.3% compared to the first quarter in 2007.Sharp and Fujitsu are both in fourth place with 4.1%, but, while the latter grows by 5.6%, the former reports a notable thud, falling by 24%.

Garner's data align with what was expressed by previous research by IDC and ChangeWave, rewarding the market performance of the Apple mobile phone, thinking above all of the speed with which the phone has managed to conquer itself (the iPhone only one, while the Nokia and Blackberries are many) this market share.