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Apple presents the new iPad Mini: photos, features, complete data sheet

febrero 14, 2020


Here is the new Apple iPad Mini, just officially presented. Let's see its features and its complete technical data sheet.


After the various iMac and Mac presented only a little while ago

here is finally Apple announces the brand new iPad Mini.

Let's see them together features, specification and price of Apple's iPad Mini.

Let's start by saying that the iPad Mini has a single purpose for Apple, that of entering schools and helping teachers and students in studying and learning.

That said, here are the features of the new iPad Mini.

iPad Mini will be really thin and compact.

LiPad mini offers acompletely new design: Apple guarantees excellent ergonomics of the device, so as to allow its use by holding it with one hand. LiPad mini is only 7.2 millimeters thick and weighs 53% less than the original iPad (only 0.68 pounds).

It will be available in black and white and will be made with material similar to that of iPhone 5.

LiPad miniuse a7.9-inch displaycompared to the classic 9.7 inches of the standard iPad, first presented by Apple in 2010.

The resolution and the number of pixelspresent on the iPad mini are the same as the original iPad. This therefore allows you touse all iPad applications also on the iPad miniwithout the need for developers to intervene on them and update them (as for iPhone 5) to make them compatible with the new product.

Why a 7.9 inch display?Because, compared to competitors in the same category, this display is decidedly more spacious when browsing the Internet or simply to use the numerous applications on the App Store based on the form factor adopted by Apple.

iPad Mini will be perfect for surfing the net, reading emails, watching photos and videos.

Of course, it will also be perfect for playing new games in high definition, such as Real Racing 2.

Compared to Google's Nexus 7, the new iPad Mini built with better materials, thinner and lighter; it also offers a much larger display: internet browsing will be more pleasant and pleasant in this way.

Recall again that all applications written for the current 10-inch iPad will also work smoothly on the Apple iPad Mini.

Inside the iPad mini we find thedual core A5 processor, thecompatibility with LTE networks, aWiFi improved and even fasterand of course the new oneLighting connectorApple On a technical level, therefore, an iPad 2 improved in some respects.

Just like third and fourth generation liPads, tooliPad mini uses Siri, Apple's intelligent voice assistant which is now present on the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, third generation iPad, fourth generation iPad and precisely on the new iPad mini.

The battery allows 10 hours of use without any problem.

SulliPad mini are also presenttwo cameras, exactly like on the standard iPad: one on the front, for thecall FaceTimeor anyway to take selfies, and one on the back (5 Megapixel iSight) fortake photos and record videos.

Apple iPad Mini: price and availability

IPad mini models with Wi-Fi will be available in black and slate or white and silver on Friday 2nd November at a suggested retail price of329VAT and taxes included for the 16GB model,429VAT and taxes included for the 32GB model e529VAT and taxes included for the 64GB model. The models of the fourth generation of iPad with Wi-Fi will also be available on Friday 2 November, in black or white at a suggested price of499VAT and taxes included for the 16GB model,599VAT and taxes included for the 32GB model e699VAT and taxes included for the 64GB model.

The alliPad mini will also be availablenew Smart Coversthat fit perfectly with the design of this new Apple device.

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