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Apple presents the new 4th generation iPad

febrero 14, 2020


Apple iPad 4th generation: photo, data sheet, features, price

Together with the iPad Mini, Apple has also presented the new fourth generation iPad, if we want we can call it iPad 4.

It is very similar to the New iPad 3, but offers some renewed features.

Apple announces 4th generation iPad

Let's see together the features of the new fourth generation iPad.

Among the things that surely amazed the public during Apple's latest Keynote, there was certainly the renewal of the "big" iPads.

As had been anticipated by rumors, just 6 months after the commercialization of iPad 3, in fact, Apple renews the range with iPad 4, making tablets obsolete in a record time. In fact, Apple products usually last at least 12 months, but in this case the product did not last even 6 months.

But what are the main novelties of the new fourth generation iPad 4?

The dimensions, weight and configurations remain unchanged, only a few things change in the hardware.

The main novelty is the new A6X processor, an even faster version than the one inserted in the iPhone 5 with its A6.

The performances promise twice the speed in both the CPU and the GPU compared to an A5X processor, which means that the tablet now has double the power. All this is very useful for games and heavy applications. RAM memory has probably been increased from 512 MB to 1 GB, but at the moment we are not sure.

The second new feature is now dual band WiFi, therefore potentially faster. LTE networks, however, have now been expanded to be compatible with European ones too.

Of course, there are also news for the connector: as for the iPhone, Apple abandons the old 30-pin format to embrace the 8-pin Lightning technology.

The prices are 499, 499 and 699 for the WiFi version which go to 629, 729 and 829 for the WiFi + LTE version. The interesting thing is that liPad 2 still on sale in the 16 GB WiFi version and costs 399, while the 16 GB WiFi + 3G version costs 519.

Here are some photos of the presentation.

In my opinion this is a nice misstep from Apple, which in this way has displeased many users. What do you think about it? Was this new iPad 4 really needed?

The battery allows 10 hours of use.

The new 4th generation iPad will be available in black and white.

The Lightning connector will obviously be present.

New 4th generation Apple iPad: prices and availability

The 16Gb WiFi only model starts at $ 499.

The 16GB WiFi + Cellular model starts at $ 629.

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