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Apple from-the-cloud: MobileMe Mail

febrero 14, 2020

With MobileMe, Apple will also offer its users a practical "push" Mail service, which, thanks to the IMAP protocol, will deliver live messages to users, without having to recover them specifically, and keep them synchronized. You can check your e-mail through Apple Mail on Mac, iPhone, iPod touch or Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Mail on PC; or even through the web interface accessible via browser.

The latter is an improved version of what is already available for .Mac: aesthetically it maintains the similarity with Apple Mail, introducing a more elegant graphical interface enriched with web 2.0 functions obtained via API development. Drag & drop and dragging directly from the browser will therefore be possible. For the rest, all the preferences already available on .Mac are maintained, such as fast online response, auto-completion of addresses, anti-spam and anti-virus filter and none advertising. Finally, the addresses can be either (email protected) or the new one (email protected)

What are the alternatives on the market today? The first two names that come to mind are Gmail and Yahoo! Mail, both free.

Gmail offers compatibility with the IMAP protocol (with email clients but also with iPhone and iPod touch) and a light web interface, now tested and always evolving. You can then enjoy the support of Google Applications, which from a purely web point of view are still undefeated.

The feature that Gmail undoubtedly lacks the "push" e-mail, while obviously, there is no "desktop based" counterpart of its e-mail and it is necessary to rely on a compatible e-mail client, which often hardly fits the philosophy of Gmail, which as we know quite original.

Yahoo! Mail instead offers a very classic web interface, also in this case typically web 2.0, with the possibility of drag & drop and direct interactions via browser. Too bad that the IMAP service is only available for iPhone and iPod touch, it seems it is not configurable for desktop software such as Apple Mail or Outlook.Yahoo! Until now, Mail is the only one that has provided the "push" e-mail for iPhone and iPod touch free of charge, which can be conveniently activated from the Cupertino device.


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