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Airport's functionality and flexibility is known to all who own it and use it on their machines. Browsing the net, connecting machines to each other, all wirelessly, allows you to make the most of the potential of the Mac. The qualities of Apple's wireless system become even exciting if you have the opportunity to use computers equipped with a a universe that begins to adapt and think about how to make the most of Airport. It was the case of the editorial staff of Macity that in the context of the MacWorld in New York was able to carry out its task more easily in an entirely "airported" environment. It is the case of users who are lucky enough to attend some airports and hotels that begin to adopt the standard by covering some areas with the airport signal, which, remember, is also used in the PC environment by many laptop manufacturers. just that in the USA the promises of some providers, interested in providing wireless connectivity to waiting rooms and common areas, begin to be put into practice. A Go2Mac user, for example, tells his experience in two US airports where he was able check for Airport coverage. In one case the service is already operational at a commercial level and requires the payment of a monthly subscription which entitles you to access wireless networks in various locations on the American territory, including, indeed, airports and hotels. easy to navigate, connect via e-mail, keep in touch with your company, without the need for complicated (and slow, as well as expensive) connections via IrDA with your mobile phone or desperately looking for an Internet kiosk.

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