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AirPods in the classroom, a trick to copy without being discovered

febrero 14, 2020

By Giacomo Martiradonna Friday 14 February 2020

Once the sheets were used; now instead, to pass information, students use iPhone and AirPods, with a brilliant trick.

At the time, there was not all the technology of our day, and to cheat at the classwork we organized ourselves with what little we had: paper, pen and a lot of ingenuity. For example, the writer wrote in pencil useful information – with the Lilliputian font – between the interstices of the Latin vocabulary; and it took so long that, in the end, almost no longer needed: the very act of writing them with such meticulousness was enough to fix the notions in the mind. But things are done differently today.

An electric guitar made with 106 iPhones (and it works too!)

An electric guitar made with 106 iPhones (and it works too!)

Modders (crazy or brilliant, you decide) have created and put on sale an electric guitar made entirely of 106 iPhones and an iPod that works perfectly. It happens in Russia.

In fact, a group of American boys has come up with a method more modern and effective. In practice, they exchange one of the earbuds with each other, and then use Google Translate to get the messages read.

If you want, thanks to iOS 13.2, you can get the same result by selecting a text in the Notes app and asking Siri to read it aloud; if the earphones are connected, the audio will be conveyed on them even if they are worn by two different users.

Obviously, for the makeup to work, you need to have long hair or at least an Emo hat, and a lot of dexterity in typing without being caught by the prof. And you, what escamotages do you use (or used) to copy in class? Tell us in the comments, on Twitter or on our Facebook page.

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