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febrero 14, 2020

Waiting for that Intel disclose the first technical details on the 10th Gen Core desktop processors "Comet Lake-S", from the web the first images of the pre-production samples of the new CPUs begin to arrive, finished as usual by some Asian online stores. After the latest rumors leaked on the new 8-core Core i7-10700K, today we are talking about one of the most interesting models of what will be the entire Comet Lake – S line, the Core i9-10900, the only 10-core model with a TDP of only 65W.

More specifically, the new information comes from the site and from the best known the first reveals the first images of the Core i9-10900 in ES version (Engineering Sample), the second even puts it on sale together with the Core i5-10600, offering among other things the screenshots of CPU-Z.

The images obviously don't say much, the only detail that we can extrapolate (in addition to the different pinout / socket) is the base frequency which is indicated at 2.5 GHz, a good 300 MHz less than what was leaked last January. The information leaked by which, thanks to the CPU-Z screenshots, confirms at least the number of cores and TDP.

The models in question are to be precise four: Core i5-10600K, Core i5-10600, Core i9-10900K and Core i9-10900:

Being in front of pre-production samples we cannot be sure that the clock frequencies are definitive, at first glance, however, the base frequencies of these models seem to be decidedly more conservative than what has emerged in recent weeks.

Frequencies aside, another data to check is the one related to the socket. At present we know that the Intel Core 10a gen Comet Lake-S will use the new LGA 1200 socket; from the images above we notice instead that the software detects the new Comet Lake-S processors with LGA 1159 socket.

The launch of the Intel Comet Lake-S processors is currently scheduled for spring, the new details certainly do not clarify the final specifications of the chips, which leads us to wait for updates from the manufacturer, especially as regards the socket used on the new platform.

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