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X Server and new hardware for WWDC?

X Server and new hardware for WWDC? logomacitynet1200wide 1

The World Developer Conference on the Apple platform will open in California on May 21, the world event that brings together all the developers working on the platform, with themed seminars and indications on Apple's future strategies, in order to guide better those who intend to develop software for Mac and, at the same time, support those who already deal with development on the platform.For this edition, Apple could also present itself with a couple of surprises: the first could certainly be version 2.0 of OS X Server, the system software dedicated to machines with network, local or web server functionality. Version 2.0 of OS X Sever expected from many quarters, in recent days rumors were circulating about the impossibility of Apple to close the development in good time for WWDC, but the first confirmations about the probable release seem to be arriving in these hours.

On the other hand, Apple could instead also present hardware innovations, in particular on the G4 range.In fact, the 667 Mhz models from the professional range of the Apple offer had recently been eliminated, due to the excellent availability of smaller processors. performing by Motorola; now, with WWDC at the door, Apple could reintroduce a new model in the G4 series, perhaps a new multiprocessor as some have claimed. Make predictions in this case really difficult, if on the one hand it is true that Apple must increase performance, at least nominal, of its G4 machines, on the other just as true that summer is usually the time of consumer machines for Apple, at least on official occasions. On the other hand, the introduction of a new G4 would certainly not be an event of absolute importance and could give a new small stimulus to sales on the professional market, more stingy with satisfactions as the summer approaches.

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