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ViaVoice for MacOs X

febrero 13, 2020

ViaVoice for MacOs X – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

IBM two years ago announced its intention to take us to our ViaVoice platform for the first time at MacWorld Expo. Big Blue returned to the stage yesterday to reaffirm his interest in MacOs by demonstrating for the first time a native version of the voice recognition software. The demonstration was truly impressive. After a brief introduction the demonstration showed how it is possible to start the mail program, open a new message, enter text at a really considerable speed and in any case higher than that possible for a user who is not very quick in typing text, close the message, send it and exit, all with the only use of the voice. "IBM – said manager Toby Maners – is optimizing ViaVoice for Os X so that it will take advantage of the new Aqua interface. We also worked on support for G4 and biprocessor processors and on many other features. " The result, according to IBM., Is a much faster program than the previous one both in learning the user's voice and in inserting the text. ViaVoice is also very accurate in understanding the spoken words. Unfortunately, as has already happened for the previous version, it seems difficult that ViaVoice will also be localized for the market in our country. At the moment IBM has not made any statements as to what the reference languages ​​will be. The only hints in this regard suggest that in addition to the version for the US market, one will also be available for the British market. The previous version had been localized in English, French, Japanese and Spanish. The possibility of making an Italian version, one of the languages ​​taken into consideration, was then excluded in a subsequent revision of the business plan.

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