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The Titanium Portrait!

febrero 13, 2020

Francesco Marcantoni writes to us … "Do you know those days when you have nothing to do and the most disparate ideas take you? Well, it happened to me in Bellaria (on the break evenings between one day and another of the legendary Digitalculture!).

I played with the "Mame" (I hope that all of you know it – it is the well-known arcade game emulator) and I noticed a wonderful "rotate" option among the graphic options.

I don't know if you know the first arcade bars … vertical screen … very similar to that of titanium, but rotated 90 … well … I rotated the screen and to my surprise (also reversing the titanium), the games flowed full screen taking advantage of the whole visible area … the only problem was the buttons that remained suspended in the air.

Then I came up with the idea … I requisitioned the Mac Portrait software from Radius which had been given to a friend bundled with the LG TFT monitor (which can be rotated) and to my surprise I discovered that despite being outdated software '96 also works with 9.1!

Result … Titanium vertically at the resolution of 768 × 1152 !! Wonderfully readable internet pages (given that the whole develops vertically – see the photo with the MacProf homepage) and pagination with A4 sheet for its entirety on the screen!

Here too, with a keyboard and an external mouse you can remedy the problem of computer control which is placed on the desk like a very expensive picture frame!


The only negative note: I have to understand where the option to choose the "normal" orientation at startup … because it automatically starts in portrait, forcing me to rotate everything (with an elegant SHIFT-CTRL-R). "

Attention … we do not know if prolonged use in the abnormal position can lead to excessive overheating of the laptop … however we recommend to do it without PCMCIA cards installed and for the short period of time that serves to amaze friends!

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