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The Apple mini-tablet in the fall?

febrero 13, 2020

A Mac tablet in the fall? According to Jason O'Grady, author of PowerPage (one of the first sites dedicated to the world of laptops) and currently also a contributor to ZDNet, the answer s. An article published by O’Grady a few days ago anticipated the launch.

The computer would have the typical form factor of tablets, so it would be “equipped with a 12 or 13-inch touch screen, an iPhone-like GPS chip (or perhaps an iPhone-like GSM chip? Ed) and a DVD player, complete with burning capacity and an Atom processor. It would be a basically web-centric device, useful for reading Rss news or e-mail and for surfing ”.

The source, says O'Grady, in the past would have proven reliable and therefore according to the journalist there would be significant possibilities that what is configured with an "iPodone touch" could really appear in the autumn.

Recall that an Intel manager recently mentioned an Apple device, described as a larger iPhone, equipped with an Atom processor. Intel then tried to disprove its manager's statements, eventually giving some substance to the indiscretions rather than dissipating them.

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