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Strava for iOS: the synchronization of activities on Apple Watch arrives

febrero 13, 2020

Strava updates on iOS enabling the synchronization of activities and workouts from Apple Watch. In short, it will be possible to save an activity recorded by your Apple Watch directly on the Strava app.

A deficiency that Strava has been able to fill thanks to the support of the HealthKit platform, launched by Apple in 2014 with the aim of collecting and unifying all user health data to also share them with third-party apps. It's time to Strava for iOS supports HealtKit, integration with Apple smartwatches has finally been made possible.

  • You can now sync workouts and activities with Strava recorded with the Workout app on your Apple Watch. Also improved the import of activities and removed duplicates of uploads
  • We are bringing the "crop" of activities to the smartphone! In case you let go of the GPS a little too long, you can now manually edit your activity from your smartphone
  • Summit members now also see their heart rate, power and Grade Adjusted Pace in the Segments

To enable synchronization with Apple Watch and find the training data directly in the Strava app, simply go to the Settings of the app, select "Applications, services and devices" and select the Health app.

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