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Spain: boy buys iPad 3 with € 1 coins


In Spain, a boy buys iPad 3 by paying for it with 1 coins

Today Sunday, a day of relaxation and tranquility for everyone. That's why I decided to offer you an article a bit different than usual.

In Spain, a boy bought the new iPad 3 by paying for it with 1 coins.

iPad coins 1

Many of the young kids who buy an iPad, iPhone or iPod have an easy life: they go to their parents, ask for the money, maybe they put aside some birthday money and go to the Apple Store to buy the much desired "toy".

However, not everyone can follow this simpler and more direct route.

Marc Lzaro really wanted an iPad, but he didn't have the money to buy it. So he began to accumulate coins from 1 inside a plastic bottle until he reached the amount of 594 necessary to buy the new iPad 3.

Once he reached his goal, the boy went to an Apple Store to complete the purchase, where Apple employees had to count all the coins one by one, under the watchful eye of the boy, who filmed and photographed the whole scene and then put it online. All this happened in the past few days in the Apple Store in Paseo de Gracia in Spain.

It must have been a great satisfaction for the boy to go with a bottle full of coins to the Apple Store and to go out a few minutes later with the much desired iPad.

I would also like to underline his great fortitude: I am convinced that other people would have spent all the coins accumulated in the bottle first, while others would have simply purchased the product in installments, then paying heavy interest on the purchase. The boy, however, followed a simple strategy, that of making purchases only when he actually had the money available. Probably if we all followed this logic a little better today we would not be in debt until the last penny to buy technological gadgets that are perhaps not even indispensable

I leave you with the video.


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