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No to the Italian version of Office 10

No to the Italian version of Office 10 logomacitynet1200wide 1

No version of Office 10 in Italian. The statement comes from a more than authoritative source: Kevin Browne, the head of the Mac section of Microsoft. To our explicit question on the subject addressed to him during the press conference ended a few minutes ago Browne replied: ?The 98 version of Office was has been localized, but the numbers it has achieved in three years are not sufficient to justify the creation of a version in your language of Office 10. We will therefore not make an Italian version of the new suite. "Browne's statements truncate in the bud every speculation on the topic and some rumors that had begun to circulate in recent days, the publication of the news that Microsoft was preparing to launch the new version of its program. This confirms the line that Redmond has also followed for Office 2000, the first Microsoft product not localized in Italian for years now. At the time, our magazine had collected Microsoft Italy's declarations that the decision to distribute an English version was mainly due to the fact that Office 98 had not been sold in a sufficient number of copies. Statements now confirmed at the highest level by Microsoft headquarters itself. For the rest, Browne explained to journalists the difficulties of porting a complex program such as Office ("there are 25 million lines of code," said Browne) and the will 'by both Microsoft and Apple to continue working together "to bring the best possible programs and tools to Mac." Browne has confirmed that the five-year agreement between the two companies and signed by contract to end within the next year does not represent the only restriction at this time. "Our Mac unit produces profits, it is economically sound and therefore we do not ask ourselves what will happen at the end of the contract – said Browne – Apple is providing us with great support and this is a very important aspect. for us. When we suggested changes to the OS, our ideas were always taken very seriously "Browne confirmed that Cupertino has now taken the right path for the development of Os X and that this no longer represents a" mobile target and provides sufficient guarantees for who works on complex applications. ?Brrowne then ruled that in the future there may never be a Cocoa version of Office. "It is impossible for us to think of rewriting Office from scratch – he said categorically – the Carbon version is excellent and the Carbon APIs provided by Apple are exceptional. They do what they promise. For us Office is the Carbon one. Maybe I will add parts written in Cocoa, but we will never be able to rebuild Office from scratch. "As far as Internet applications are concerned, Browne admitted that their development for Os X was a bit slow. This is due to the great commitment on Office for Os X and the limited staff ("we have a tenth of the people who work on Windows but with the same amount of work" said Browne). Now, however, Microsoft is also beginning to think about a new version of Internet Explorer. "We are in the phase in which we are looking around, asking ourselves what it is for users that we have not yet implemented," said Browne. Among the most important aspects that the development team is considering increasing compatibility with the Windows client. "Many warn us of difficulties in accessing particular services available on the Internet – said Browne – in particular in those of sites that offer home banking. We would like to do something to improve this aspect ?. The button is painful in particular for Italian users who live in a world dominated by Windows and who often find themselves having to deal with a number of sites that do not want to know to work with a Mac browser. "Many of these difficulties – said Browne – depend on factors that we cannot change. For example, some sites base their services on ActiveX which is part of Windows. In other cases we can do something, for example by working on better compatibility of security systems. As for rendering, however, the two clients for Mac and for Windows are identical ?Less good news is instead for Outlook Express admirers. In fact, Microsoft still has no plan for its conversion for MacOs X. "The team is the same as Entourage – said Browne – and in recent months its resources have been committed to the carbonization of Entourage itself. We still don't know what will become of OutLook for Mac "

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