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No multiplayer for the Japanese iPhone (for now?)

No multiplayer for the Japanese iPhone (for now?) logomacitynet1200wide 1

No multi operator for the Japanese iPhone? The sunset of a prospect that seemed close thanks to the negotiations until some time ago underway with Ntt DoCoMo shines through the words of the mobile operator in the margins of the official announcement of the agreement with Softbank.

"We would have liked – said Shuichiro Ichikoshi, company spokesman – to bring iPhone to Japan, but as you have known this operation will touch Softbank". When asked about a contract initial in the future, the answer was 'no, for now we will not bring iPhone to Japan'.

In practical terms this means that a short announcement for an 'branded' Ntt DoCoMo iPhone not expected or probable and that Softbank, owned by Steve Jobs's trusted friend Masayoshi Son, will run in solitude, contrary to what happens elsewhere since KDDI, Japan's second largest mobile operator, said it was not interested in the iPhone. What one cannot understand from the words of Ntt DoCoMo if Apple has signed an exclusive agreement with Softbank, equated at this point to At & t, T-Mobile and all the operators of the first wave, or if simply DoCoMo currently does not believe appropriate to sign a second agreement with Apple. What is certain is that by renouncing (by force or by choice) the Japanese incumbent (more than 53 million lines), Apple deprives itself of a considerable driving force and limits the choice of customers in the country of the Rising Sun.

Others, where possible, Apple has always chosen the main mobile operator (and this is not the case of Softbank than the third Japanese operator) and then a second alternative operator (almost always the second or third local operator)

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