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New firmware for the GeForce MX

New firmware for GeForce MX logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple has released the firmware update for the GeForce MX card present in the most recent G4 models sold in Italy.The update, reserved in fact for all the 533 MHz and higher Macs presented in San Francisco, intended to improve performance of the cards and, according to Apple, also to ensure better compatibility between the extensions that guarantee the functioning of the card and the firmware itself. Being a firmware update, the version released some time ago for the American system was also usable with the system Italian operating but now supported by Apple on our OS. Note that being an irreversible modification to a hardware accessory, special cautions must be applied when it is installed. You must not stop the machine and take care not to interrupt the installation process. The risk of irreparably damaging the card.

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