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My shopping list: an app to immediately put in the …

febrero 13, 2020

Tired of forgetting the notes with the list of all the products to buy and only notice them at the supermarket? Here my shopping list. Don't worry, I don't want to bore you with my own facts, I just want to recommend a very simple but useful and well-made app …

Something is missing at home every day and relying on your memory doesn't always work. For this reason, the notes come to our aid, but once you arrive at the shop it happens that you do not find them in your pockets or bags, always too full, and at that moment that the panic of forgetting something assails us and becomes certainty once at home. Also in this case our super robot is ready to help us with an app that is right for us.

My shopping list is a really easy to use application: You write the product and add it to the list by clicking the cart (if you want to enter more info such as price, quantity and shop or if you want to reuse a product already marked for a previous list , click on the cart on the right), after completing it we can lock it with the padlock. As the products in the supermarket are put into the cart, just click on the names in the list to cross them. It is possible to create multiple lists by assigning different names (you must create a new list and remove it only so you can choose one of the saved lists) and share them via bluetooth with other devices.

This application is totally free and you can download it from Android Market by clicking below:

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