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Microsoft: report who does not want Win!

Microsoft: report who does not want Win! logomacitynet1200wide 1

The first thing that comes to mind is that there are no more limits, modesty has vanished and the antitrust processes no longer scare anyone. Impossible to think otherwise learning that Microsoft has established a sort of "size" 'for all those who report the appearance of computers without pre-installed Windows (defined naked = naked). This surprising approach hides Redmond's recent fear of alternative, efficient and even free operating systems, such as Linux confirmed by the declaration of war (by the mouth of Vice President Craig Mundie, who spoke at New York University) against any type of free software explicit in this detailed Mercury News article. The story was born, with little modesty it seems to be able to say, on official pages of the Microsoft website ( and http: //, but public appeals are likely to have a short public life and then relegate to carbonara life. According to some sources, in fact, Microsoft's message seems to travel now via email from the state of Washington to many manufacturers / retailers around the globe. For those who report the appearance of a computer outrageously, for Microsoft, without Win there is a prize. According to The Register, it would be something similar to the loyalty cards of our supermarkets or petrol stations: the more a manufacturer sends reports of PC orders without Win from customers, the more "points" accumulate. Once the "card" has been filled in, as from the gas station, in fact, you go to collect the prize: for 250 points you get 5 Microsoft games, 500 points equal to 5 Microsoft games plus a clock and 1000 points the 5 games plus the clock and a bag. Microsoft defines the sale of a PC without Win as a house without a roof … but they probably forget that there are various types of roofs: roof tiles, tiles, wood, stones, etc.

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