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It's official: Maya available from September 25th

Apple has promised to make the update to version 10.1 of its operating system available for September and with the official release of Alias ??and two simple considerations we are now certain that it will do so at the Paris expo.

"Maya Complete 3 for Mac OS X" is the name of the application that will certainly be presented in Paris and which previously was only available on the Linux, IRIX and Windows platforms. In these days, the application is being demonstrated at the NY expo and we will carry out an interview with the product managers. A promotional campaign with reduced prices is currently underway.

"We are excited to be introducing Maya as a native Mac application," said Mark Sylvester, Alias ??| Wavefront Ambassador. "Mac OS X offers the powerful and open environment that Maya users require, with an interface that artists love. Apple has done an extraordinary job in terms of implementing support for Open GL and we are eager to see what the Mac graphics community will be able to do when Maya is available. "

"Mac OS X combines the flexibility and power of UNIX with the ease of use and the high number of applications needed to succeed within a creative community," says Ron Okamoto, Apple's vice president of World Wide Developer Relation. . "By creating this application on the Mac OS X platform, Alias ??| Wavefront offers its customers the opportunity to access the most advanced 3D technology, combined with a next generation operating system."

Maya on MacFrom the presentation of Maya to the Macintosh community, which took place during the previous edition of the Macworld, Maya Complete 3 has been made native for Mac OS X, as well as being equipped with the latest developments in terms of texture and rendering functionality. At Macworld in New York, Alias ??| Wavefront will demonstrate these improvements along with support for QuickTime, Maya character animation and IPR (Interactive Photorealistic Rendering).

"Thanks to the availability of Maya Complete on the Mac OS X platform, we will be able to offer Mac users an unforgettable 3D experience," added Andrew Pearce, Director of Maya Technologies. "To ensure this result, we have included improvements in rendering, textures and bump maps, we want to be sure that 2D graphics professionals will find all the tools necessary to move smoothly and difficult into the world of 3D graphics".

"Everyone here at The Orphanage is excited about the progress Alias ??| Wavefront has made with the implementation of Maya on OS X," adds 3D artist and beta tester Kevin Baille. ?Since this is a production and visual effects studio fully operating on the Mac platform, we are absolutely amazed at how Maya for Mac OS X fits perfectly and improves our production process. Thanks to the integration of QuickTime in Maya for Mac OS X, we have hardly heard the transition from other Mac-based 3D applications. Character animation features, the powerful MEL scripting language and advanced dynamics and particle tools place Maya on another level compared to other Mac-based 3D animation packages. In a very short period of time, Maya for Mac OS X become a fundamental element of our production process. We are very happy to participate in the definition of a product that will revolutionize the 3D industry in the Mac sector ".

PromotionFrom today Alias ??| Wavefront accepts orders for the Mac OS X version of Maya, and the company launches a two-part promotion. Everyone who orders the product before December 31, 2001 will be entitled to 12 months of maintenance, including updates and support. For all those who place the order before the effective availability date in September, this offer will be further enriched with a productivity package that includes a voucher valid for a Wacom tablet; a copy of the book The Art of Maya; a three-button mouse, a Maya jacket and a training DVD for Maya.

Alias ??| Wavefront at MacworldAlias ??| Wavefront will demonstrate Maya for Mac OS X at Macworld in New York from July 17th to 20th at its stand (1707). In addition to technology demos, the company will host some of its customers including Sony Pictures Imageworks, Nick Erikson Studios, Kleiser-Walczak and Blue Sky Studios who will illustrate their most recent projects made with Maya. Many of these companies also operate as beta sites for Maya on Mac OS X.

Pricing and Availability Maya Complete for Mac OS X will be available in September at 7,500 USD, at the same price as Maya for IRIX, Linux, Windows NT and Windows 2000 Professional. The main features of the version of Maya for Mac OS X will be the same as those for all other platforms.