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iPhone unlocked coming from Vodafone and Tim?

febrero 13, 2020

In Italy will we have the iPhone in an unlocked version at a higher price than the 199 and 299 dollars (euros) announced by Jobs? According to some sources close to the two mobile operators, the prospect would subsist and Macity sources believe this hypothesis is not entirely off target, even if our site has not been able to verify the indiscretion and even if Tim and Vodafone for now do not no explicit mention of this option.

Who seems to have had some indications converging with what our editorial staff is gathering on this long night Il Corriere della Sera, according to which "Vodafone should sell the iPhone from 8 giga to 499 euro and the 16 giga to 569 euro in the versions" free "ie with prepaid card and contract free". On our front, it is assumed that Tim, in addition to Vodafone, can also sell the unlocked iPhone for the same price.

At the moment we reiterate that the information has not yet been verified but the indications, although rather fragmented, are converging. It is not clear whether they are built on the information of recent days, even if they are all to be verified, according to which an unlocked version has arrived in Italy, or if they are the result of real more recent rumors that rebound from mobile operators.

Although an unlocked version of the iPhone can solve more than a few problems for Apple (including those with the antitrust authority that threatens to appeal to Three), Jobs's words that iPhone will have a maximum price "worldwide not to more than $ 299. " Obviously Apple could always say that this price refers to blocked and subsidized phones and not to phones unlocked and sold at full price, but in any case the fact of having to provide an explanation would already sound not too good from the point of view of the image and international resonance.

In any case, it must be said that an iPhone 3G with GPS and 16 GB of memory at around 550 euros does not seem at first sight entirely out of the market. There are also more expensive mobile phones on the market, with functions that are certainly not superior and lack some of the technological solutions (the sophisticated multitouch, the operating system, the complete browser) that distinguish the Apple phone.

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