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iPhone, narrow anti unlock

febrero 13, 2020

iPhone, narrow anti unlock – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

It will be much more difficult for markets where iPhone unavailable to get cell phones to unlock. These are the conclusions that can be drawn from the American sites that report a change in the activation policies of the phones. In fact, according to AT&T, the only way to buy an iPhone will be to sign a contract inside the store and activate directly at the store.

Once this procedure has been implemented, the main flaw from which the telephones to be sent to the gray market and to be sold later unlocked or to be unlocked will close.

According to the same sources that report the change in policy, Apple will also strengthen its preventive measures, canceling the online sale of the phone on AppleStore. This allows even the smallest of iPhones sold for unlocking. Currently it is unclear whether Apple will continue to sell iPhones in its American retail stores and how this will be implemented, but very likely that if the stores it owns continue to remain active also to offer the mobile phone, also in this case it will be mandatory to implement the phone registration procedure.

The contract policy tightening had been anticipated in recent days and also reported by Macity. Signs of movement in this direction had also come from the company that deals with providing the infrastructure for the activations that had denounced a forecast for a sharp drop in profits for the remainder of the year, a sign that Apple would have left the field.

Currently it is not known how the activation of the telephone will take place in detail, nor what the provisions for abroad will be, but it is probable that even in the countries where a similar "remote" activation policy was followed, a more restrictive system will be passed. For Italy it is practically obvious that the iPhone will be activated only at the Tim and Vodafone stores. Currently on Apple's online sales site there is only the possibility of accessing a list of the two operators' stores, as well as a description of the mobile phone.

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