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iPhone also in Italian retail stores?

Apple is preparing to land the iPhone in Italy and is looking for key people and one of them is already in the crosshairs. His task: to prepare sellers to offer the Apple phone correctly.

The hunt for a figure, in a somewhat imaginative way defined as a 'field training specialist' whose role will be to travel around Italy to hold seminars on how to create the right context for the sale of the phone, certified by personal research, appeared tonight on the specific Apple site.

'His task – explains Apple – will be to use various techniques, from presentations to' hands on 'workshops to specific courses, to end with sales displays and strategies on creating pathways on the subject, to increase the level of customer satisfaction and the units sold '. More in detail and more specifically 'the candidate will have to focus on sales and demonstration skills and knowledge of the product and solutions'. In short: I will have to create iPhone sales specialists.

As easy to understand, the first interlocutors will be the mobile operators and their store managers and sellers. But, and this is the most intriguing aspect that allows you to launch some hypotheses on future strategies of the sales system in our country, during the job description we also talk about instructions 'to retail channel partners' through the sales team of Apple to educate them on the sale of the iPhone.

The phrase, formulated in a not completely explicit way, leaves some doubts, but it seems to read behind it the will to educate the staff who work not only in the shops of Vodafone and Tim but also in their own sales network. Does this mean that Apple also intends to offer iPhones in department stores and Premium Resellers? Maybe soon to say it with certainty, using this clue only. But the concrete perspective, as we learn from many sides (in Australia some sources take the sale in the Apple Retail Stores and at the Apple Premium Reatail Stores for granted), and the job search for the Italian market seems to confirm this. On the other hand, the strategy of expanding the sale to other channels, at this point with unlocked phones that can be used by all mobile operators, would also be useful to avoid annoyances with the antitrust bodies that someone is beginning to evoke.