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iPhone 9, production ok but problems with iPhone 12

febrero 13, 2020

By Giacomo Martiradonna Thursday 13 February 2020

The good news that iPhone 9 production seems to be going well despite the problems caused by the Coronavirus; the bad that iPhone 12 could be put off.

According to DigiTimes, they shouldn't be there delays in deliveries iPhone 9 (or iPhone SE2, if you like); which means that the launch, despite the impasse created by the Coronavirus, should not slip or be substantially delayed. The real problems, however, are for iPhone 12.

iPhone 9: photos of the cover appear

iPhone 9: photos of the cover appear

Coronavirus permitting, Apple is expected to launch iPhone 9 – iPhone SE's successor – in a few weeks. And now the cover also appears.

"Apparently, in fact," Apple has blocked the sending of engineers to China to attend the Engineering Validation Tests (the so-called EVT stage) on the development of the iPhone 12. Last month, Apple claimed to have reduced the number of travel to China with the exception of the most mandatory business needs; all due to the Coronavirus epidemic that erupted in Wuhan, which forced many Apple suppliers to freeze operations, among other things. "

If the situation does not unlock quickly, the plants will not be able to enter the mass production phase in June, and therefore there is a risk of having to postpone the product launch. Or, Apple may decide to present it anyway in September, although aware of the poor supply rates. If Tim Cook should opt for the second route, in other words, expect many weeks of waiting for delivery.

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