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iControlPad, the iPhone control pad prototype arrives

febrero 13, 2020


All owners of an unlocked iPod will know that, through the necessary downloads, it is possible to install various emulators on the Apple device, in order to enjoy the most famous video games in history released for consoles such as NES, GBA, PSX and others.

The lack of a real control pad often makes it difficult to play with the touch screen alone, a problem that frustrates the enthusiastic gamer of Super Mario Bros or Doom. The solution of course is to add the controls to the iPhone, a solution that begins to materialize thanks to the work of iControlPad. After a few weeks of development, the team working on the project created the first prototype of the "control pad" for the iPhone.

The idea is to slide the phone into an outer shell, similar to the many covers available but equipped with the classic buttons that each pad incorporates. The connection will obviously take place via the dock: just insert or disconnect the iPhone at will, without having to do anything else.

Convenient and practical, the accessory could give "a" to the birth of a thriving video game market (official or clandestine) also on iPhone, thanks also to the full support of the SDK provided by iControlPad.

For those who expected a leap forward from the iPhone also in a playful sense, it will be very pleasant news.

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