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Hope in software

febrero 13, 2020

Hope in software – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

One of the dominant themes of MacWorld is certainly MacOs X in reference to the development of native applications. To understand how much relevance has been assigned to this topic by Apple it would have been enough to time the time assigned to the topic by Steve Jobs yesterday. Ten representatives of companies operating in the world of development went on stage to announce their dedication to the new operating system, in some cases also announcing release times. They were important developers, at the level of Adobe, Quark and IBM. Many others, however, are working in some cases even very intensely to be able to complete drivers and applications for the new operating system. In all, there are a thousand already native applications to which, according to information that we have collected among the stands, at least another 500 products will be added by the end of September, obviously not counting the numerous shareware products. A partial list is presented on a page that Apple has put online in the past few hours. There is a bit of everything, from "niche" hardware manufacturers such as Media 100 to large companies operating in the field of consumer peripherals such as Canon, HP. Houses that produce games and utilities, companies specialized in packages of great use in professional environments. Jobs yesterday illustrated the transition from MacOs Classic using the image of a clock. According to the CEO, at this point in the history of the new OS, only 20 minutes per hour have passed, which will become 30 minutes when MacOs 10.1 was released next September. The impression is that Apple is carrying out the "pedagogical" task of convincing third parties to believe in the new OS and that they are responding very diligently. Now the challenge that Apple must win at all costs is to convince its partners that speed is essential to the success of the business. It could be relatively easy in the case of small realities, which not surprisingly were the first to experiment with the approach to the new OS, less easy with the big realities that have to deal with complex applications and a base of installation usually very traditionalist and who still has no plans for transitioning to MacOs X.

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