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Here's how to speed up your Mac by pushing it beyond its capabilities!

febrero 13, 2020


Apple computers are excellent machines, they mount the best hardware on the market (such as Intel CPUs) and offer much more compared to what the competition offers. But how can we push them further?

Apple computers are extremely fast machines, but you know with use they may lose some of their panache. Think of a full disk, or extremely large log files, or even a desk full of files … They are all factors that affect the performance of your computers!

Of all Apple technology you know what it is weakness? "The magnetic disk", also called hard disk! The classic disc mounted by Apple in its computers the 5000 rpm, the only choice for making the already salty price of its computers skyrocket, and this is the problem that makes Mac "bray" because it is very slow and of poor performance. from 5000 rpm it reaches the reading and writing speeds of 80 MB / S, while the 7200 rpm (available on request) reaches 100 MB / S.

MY ADVICE: As promised by the title here's how to push an Apple computer beyond its capabilities by installing an SSD (Solid State Disk) or solid state drives. SSDs are characterized by high data writing and reading speeds, just what a Mac needs.

I recommend a OCZ Vertex 4 SSD, I personally installed it on my MacBook and you can achieve "terrific" performance! With an OCZ vertex 4 I have reached in read and write i 470 MB / S, the notable difference compared to the 5000 rpm disk that reaches 80 MB / S.

The OCZ vertex 4 characterized by the highest number of operations it can perform per second IOPS, which I am 120,000, while the competition offers 85,000 IOPS disks.

The cheapest price on Amazon, here is the purchase link!

OCZ Vertex 4 60 GB

OCZ Vertex 4 120 GB

256 GB OCZ Vertex 4

512 GB OCZ Vertex 4

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