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Apple pre-alert O2 for June 9?

febrero 13, 2020

Apple pre-alert O2 for June 9? – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

"Get ready for an important announcement": this summarizes the content of the pre-alarm that Apple would have communicated to O2, the mobile operator that has exclusively distributed iPhone since the first Edge version in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Needless to say, the date is that of the WWDC work start day in which Jobs' opening keynote and the official presentation of the iPhone 3G are expected. This further clue, if founded, would confirm for the umpteenth time the appointment for next Monday not only for a worldwide presentation but at this point also for an expected short availability of the new smartphone.

It remains to be seen if only the announcement of the phone or the actual launch is expected on Monday. The majority of analysts believe that the presentation of the mobile phone will take place at WWDC with a release on the market only at the end of June. Even in this case, the "early warning" would still make sense because in countries where the iPhone is already available, an "assault" on stores in search of purchases or information is very likely.

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