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Apple controls the domain

Apple controls the domain logomacitynet1200wide 1

New clues to Apple's possession of the domain. To report other elements on the event a few days ago with the discovery of traces of a (possible) variation of the .Mac name, the John Gruber of

Based on some research on domain names Gruber has discovered that the domain is maintained by MarkMonitor, the service provider that Apple uses for all its domains. In addition to this, evidence has emerged that the previous domain name holder,, relinquished control of the domain name in December 2007 and today no longer uses that name for its social networking services.

The most prominent element in the hunt for clues is the Netcraft register where in the SOA data (a series of information on the server data which also includes the administrator's email) appears the name of Kenneth Eddings as a contact for maintaining the DNG ; Eddings, who has an Apple email address, the traditional technical contact for most Apple domains.

The most reliable hypothesis that Apple has purchased (for a certainly not insignificant figure) the domain name to mark the .Mac services that could be substantially renewed in order to support some new iPhone Firmware 2.0 (such as mail in push but also the sharing of calendars). The idea of ??changing the name to .Mac, which to date has not had a huge success due to the costs and the limited number of services, similar to those of other providers who offer them for free, would also be aimed at choosing a better name. neutral and compatible also with the Windows world. What you need to build around it a suite for hardware like that of the iPhone of iPod touch which are substantially agnostic from the point of view of the reference IT platform.

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