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AAPL, still down

febrero 13, 2020

AAPL, still down – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

If anyone expected a rebound to the Wall Street stock exchange for the Apple title, he was disappointed.AAPL lost another 4 points (3.99 to be precise) compared to yesterday. Added to the drop achieved just after the keynote, the drop in Cupertino shares reaches almost 22% in just two days, stopping the value of the course at just under $ 20, the lowest level since last June 19th. From then on, Apple had gained a lot of ground by taking advantage of the MacWorld Expo wait and the belief that the quarterly accounts were in order and in line with the forecasts. Evidently for now analysts and investors no longer believe that in a short time Apple may return to make substantial profits, hence the decision to divest to profit from the gains achieved on the list to date.We remember that Apple had also reached nearly $ 27 in early May when, on the basis of the launch of the new iBook and G4 and Titanium sales successes investors had bet openly on AAPL. The impression at the moment is that the title will not be able to insert an ascending channel if not more forward, when the general horizon of IT will be cleared.

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