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AAPL, record of the last 7 months

AAPL, record of the last 7 months logomacitynet1200wide 1

The release of the new iBook did well for the Apple title. The shares of the Cupertino company have in fact made a leap forward of more than 2% on Wall Street yesterday, the first during which the low-end laptop became part of the list of the company of the Apple. AAPL thus stood at $ 26.59, the highest threshold in the last 7 months, or since last September 28 when, with the shares at over $ 53, the announcement of lower than expected profits for the last quarter was made of the year. The value of the shares had halved and dropped slightly above $ 25 the following day. Subsequently AAPL also reached $ 14 in January and then began a slow ascent that continues today.In the belief of many financial analysts, Apple's actions are now channeled into a path that could take them back to levels more appropriate than the real ones market potential. In fact, the belief that Apple's peculiarity could allow it to avoid the negative cycle triggered last summer and that is afflicting all IT companies is returning to strengthen itself. In fact, according to many observers, we are not faced with a liquidity crisis as with a saturation of the market which cannot offer anything particularly significant to encourage consumers to update their systems. This something could instead be represented by Apple's computers and innovations which is marching, moreover, of a great career in the sector of laptops, today undoubtedly the segment in general with greater growth prospects.

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