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190 Mobile: The most complete utility for all Vodafone users

190 Mobile a handy utility for Vodafone users: with this application you can access, in a simple and immediate way, a lot of information of your SIM, such as the remaining credit, counters, active services and much more!

The application interface divided into tabs for quick access to the main functions, which we will now see in more detail. In addition, you can switch from one SIM to another with the appropriate button.

In the main tab, Bill, the information on the selected SIM is visible: the residual credit or account, the VodafoneONE points balance, the expiry date of the SIM or the date of last billing, and finally the tariff plan.

In Counters, there is the list of promotion counters, and opening one of the items gives access to all the related details.

The section costs allows access to various information relating to your expenses. In the tab immediately visible the graph of the last 7 days, and by tapping on it you go to the section Charts. In addition, from here you can see the detailed list of expenses, using the function Costs summary.

The last of the main functions of the program, the one dedicated to SMS. The application, in fact, allows you to send up to 20 SMS per day and unlimited MMS for free. This function is well integrated in the phone, i.e. messages.

Finally, in tab Other, the other functions are collected, i.e. Countdown, i Services active in the SIM, the list Invoices, The catalog VodafoneONE and the canal Twitter by Vodafone Italy.

The application available on the market free of charge, with advertising banners, or for a fee, without advertising.

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