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WhatsApp has 2 billion users

febrero 12, 2020

WhatsApp has reached the remarkable milestone of 2 billion active users: the announcement comes directly from the official blog of the instant messaging platform. Another way to see the information is that in just over two years it has gained another 500 million users: it was in fact on February 2 when we reported reaching 1.5 billion (and the black theme had not yet arrived). Last year, however, the client for Android reached 5 billion installations from the Play Store.

WhatsApp emphasizes the private nature messaging service: every message exchanged is protected by end-to-end encryption. This prevents that no other device apart from the sending and receiving devices (or in the plural, in case of group chat) can read the sent messages. WhatsApp says it will never make any compromise on this aspect, on the contrary: it says it works with the best experts in the sector to keep the platform as safe and reliable as possible.

To underline its commitment on this front, WhatsApp has also launched one new page to explain all security and privacy practices. It can be reached at, but for the moment it is only available in English. Explains the benefits of E2E encryption and reminds that all messages are saved on the local device, never on an external server, and offers links to procedures for aspects that can be controlled firsthand – activate two-factor authentication, make public or private profile photo, status or message reading indicators, protect the app with biometric authentication and much more.

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