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Vodafone Italia: "iPhone will have a strong start"

Vodafone Italia: "iPhone will have a strong start" logomacitynet1200wide 1

Paolo Bertoluzzo, young CEO of Vodafone Italia, returns to the iPhone theme and this time, as a few days ago during a press conference held in Milan last Monday, answering a question from Macity's correspondent, he expresses all his admiration and enthusiasm for the Apple mobile phone.

The occasion for a few nods on the phone that will become part of the Vodfone offer was offered on the occasion of a meeting of the financial community organized by Deutsche Bank, held in Milan. "I believe – said Bertoluzzo – that iPhone will have a strong start". Vodafone will benefit from it and, according to the CEO, "shows a great brand affinity with the Apple. And this is not what we say, but research carried out on the web "Bertoluzzo hopes that the proximity of the brands will bring advantages to the Vodafone business.

As stated also at the opening of the press conference last Monday for the presentation of Vodafone Station, even today Bertoluzzo excludes any type of anticipation regarding the launch date and the availability of the iPhone in Italy. On both occasions, the chief executive officer Vodafone Italia specified that "Steve Jobs will decide".

Recall that on Monday the head of Vodafone Italy had called the iPhone an "extraordinary product", an icon of the mobile Internet also in Italy where it is not yet available, finally defining it as an important accelerator as regards the use of the Web on the move.

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