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Vodafone Italia: "iPhone extraordinary product"

febrero 12, 2020

The iPhone is a strategic product, important and eagerly awaited by Vodafone. Here is what could be learned during a press conference held this morning in Milan and which was also attended by the CEO of the Italian branch of the mobile operator, Paolo Bertoluzzo.

Several media, perhaps using the relevance of the speaker and the secrecy on the contents of the event as a yardstick, had speculated that it could be something that had to do with the iPhone, but for those who know even only superficially the mechanisms that regulate Apple's relations with the media, he had a clear perception that there could be nothing new and significant inherent in this topic from an event that arrives before the WWDC in San Francisco where the new iPhone should debut. Bertoluzzo has kept from clarifying from the outset, to avoid misunderstandings, that it would not have been the acquisition of Tiscali or the iPhone. "We are not here for this – said the CEO of Vodafone – even if the secrecy of the contents could have made one think of something like this. We are here to talk about a new and completely different product that has nothing to do with iPhone or Tiscali ". In the end, the event held on the Martini terrace turned out to be the presentation of the Vodafone Station, a device for home and mobile broadband connection that we talk about in another news.

But although the iPhone was not the topic of the event, Bertoluzzo did not shirk some questions that were asked by the Macity journalist, present at the event. And the reviews on Apple's mobile phone have been flattering. “I personally believe that iPhone is an extraordinary product. Despite the relatively recent release, it has already had a very strong experience and here too, although it has not yet been released, it represents an icon of the mobile Internet ". Vodafone sees it as a growth factor in the mobile Internet strategy, which for Vodafone (as shown by the presentation of the Vodafone Station) represents an important element of growth. In this sense "the iPhone can be an accelerator of our market," said Bertoluzzo.

Obviously nothing about the release dates of a new model “We can't talk about this. It's up to Steve Jobs to decide when to launch his products. However, I am convinced that when it arrives it will be something that will mark the market. But in my opinion the iPhone is an excellent product already in the current version, even before a possible 3G version "

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