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Titanium-bomb, no responsibility for the laptop

febrero 12, 2020

Titanium-bomb, no responsibility for laptop – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

No responsibility for Titanium in the embarrassing case that last Friday for security reasons closed a terminal at Burbank airport in the urban area of ​​Los Angeles causing serious inconvenience to passengers and economic damage to airlines. To absolve the laptop, whose metal, according to some journalistic sources, would have determined the alert of an electronic "sniffer" of explosives causing the start of emergency procedures, are the same responsible for the safety of the airport. "The metal of the laptop it has nothing to do with what happened, "FBI special agent Matthew McLaughlin told the Los Angeles Times. The presence of molecules of substances that have to do with explosive devices would have been detected not on the laptop but inside the bag in which the PowerBook was located. In the hours immediately following the fact, suspicions had been advanced that, on the contrary, the case or some Titanium component was the real culprit, a figure that led to believe that carrying one of Apple's new computers on the plane could represent a risk The whole affair of Burbank, the authorities specify, could have been resolved in a few minutes if to complicate the situation had not been the fact that the suspect was completely drunk and unable to provide plausible explanations on the because there were traces of explosives in his bag. "He was not in a position to offer a contribution to the interrogation," said the security officials of the SouthWest airline which was more damaged by delays. At the time when his condition improved, the man he kept in the same bag where Titanium also had a bottle of Vodka, managed to convince investigators that they released it allowing the take-off of flights stuck on the ground during the investigations.

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