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The FBI investigates thousands of alleged theft of US technology by Chinese companies

febrero 12, 2020

The war between the USA and China is not limited to tariffs or fears of possible espionage through technology: in a press conference held in Washington last week, members of the United States government listed various American intellectual properties that companies or services Chinese allegedly stole or managed to get hold of them.

Senior officials from the federal federal government agency and the Justice Department have signaled alarms over the rise in U.S. intellectual property (IP) theft, which has occurred with increasing frequency in recent years.

"The threat from real, persistent, well-orchestrated China, with adequate resources and will not end soon," said John Demers, assistant attorney general for national security, at the opening of the conference. Christopher Wray. Director of the FBI, he spoke of the "greatest long-term threat to our country, to intellectual property and our economic viability".

The director of the FBi has reported more than 1000 cases accumulated since 2018, even after the initiative of the Department of Justice which was supposed to help reduce spying cases on behalf of the Chinese government. "The FBI works on about a thousand cases involving China's attempts to steal US technology in all 56 of our operations offices, and which affect every sector and every industrial sector."

LFBI is investigating alleged thousands of cases of Chinese theft of US technology

John Brown, deputy director of the FBI's counterintelligence division, reported that – in this fiscal year alone – the federal investigative office has already made 19 arrests for industrial espionage charges. As a comparison, in 2014 there were 24 arrests and only 15 five years earlier.

LFBI is investigating alleged thousands of cases of Chinese theft of US technology

How do you solve the problem? The Secretary of Justice, William Bar, intervened urging the United States and allies to invest also directly on Nokia and Ericsson to counter the growing presence of Huawei and other Chinese companies on the 5G market.

Recall that confirmed espionage cases have occurred in past years with Boeing and other defense contractors. Also for Apple in 2018 there was an attempted theft concerning technologies related to self-driving vehicles.

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