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T-Mobile Austria also discounts iPhone in 16 GB version

febrero 12, 2020

T-Mobile Austria also discounts iPhone in 16 GB version – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Discounts for iPhones also arrive in Austria, the local T-Mobile branch has in fact decided to reduce the purchase price of the phone, reducing it from 50 to 250 euros, depending on the models and types of contracts that are signed.

The particularity of the discount applied by T-Mobile Austria compared to those applied in Germany, which in the transalpine country the cost reduction affects not only the 8 GB model but also the 16 Gb model. right on the "top" model that the highest price reduction can be obtained (from 499 to 249 euros) by subscribing to the "Supreme" option which costs 55 euros per month. The same option allows you to have the 8 GB model at 199 euros (200 euros discount). Those who subscribe to the Classic rate (39 euros per month) have a smaller discount: 200 euros for the 16 GB model and 150 euros for the 8 GB model.

Recall that T-Mobile Austria was the last mobile phone company to enter into an agreement with Apple for the sale of the iPhone, following the launch of the iPhone in Germany a few months later, where it was also marketed by T-Mobile. In Germani it is possible to buy iPhones even at 99 euros, but the discount table applies only to the 8 GB model. No promotion available for those who choose the 16 GB model.

Currently iPhone is offered discounted throughout Europe (excluding France), only that the price reduction is of T-Mobile Germany as of O2 in England (100 pounds) and Ireland (100 euros) only applies to the 8 GB model. On the other hand, in Ireland, the 8 GB iPhone, as we checked on Sunday morning, was no longer available.

The fact that the 16 GB model had not been discounted by any of the mobile operators had led someone to believe that that version of the phone could remain on the market even after the launch of the 3G version. If the discount is the signal that this hypothesis is no longer valid or if it is simply a commercial operation that anticipates the subsidization policies of the phone by mobile operators that according to someone will be one of the distinctive elements of the expansion of the iPhone market , we'll only know in a few weeks.

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