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Shop on Fifth Avenue closed for a commercial?

febrero 12, 2020

Shop on Fifth Avenue closed for a commercial? – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple is reportedly filming a commercial for the iPhone 3G inside the Fifth Avenue store in New York. This is what some American sites would have taken.

The information leaked on the sidelines of the closing of the same shop whose doors remained barred for 18 hours: from 15 on Thursday until 9 on Friday morning. The event was absolutely exceptional because the shop open 24 hours a day and to date had only closed on two occasions: to prepare for the launch of the iPhone and for the introduction on the market of Leopard.

As mentioned, the reason for the barred doors, which literally left New Yorkers and tourists unused to seeing the 'closed' sign on the crystal cube, would be the creation of a set for an advertising spot with the new generation iPhone at the center. Employees who wander nearby do not give any confirmation on the theme of the spot, but admit that it is in fact a closure for an advertising film.

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