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NIH Image: an Italian testimony and guide

febrero 12, 2020

NIH Image: an Italian testimony and guide – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

"I take the liberty of inviting readers to connect to the following url where they will find online my handouts written for use by students of Biological Sciences Image Analysis module within the framework of the Experimental Biology Laboratory course: http: // /unifi/dbag/lbs1/ai/HomePage.htmReading with which computer and with which applications they were made, they will realize which era they date from! The author (Wayne Rasband) is an exquisite person, enthusiastic about the Mac and a very skilled programmer. He is currently developing a java version of the program. When I asked him to be able to translate into Italian part of the manual that accompanies the application, not only did he authorize me but he wanted a copy to be able to distribute it to Italian colleagues who worked with him. However, I am very pleased that you brought this freeware application into the limelight. , programmable and so efficient and precise that various applications of the trade costing several megalires cannot beat (and there in all platforms).

If you take a tour of the NASA sites you can discover many interesting applications such as those you find at these addresseshttp: // //cmex.arc.nasa. gov / data / Tutorial / NIHBasic / NIHBasic.htmA further set of examples is easily available by searching with sherlock and typing nasa nih-image. "

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