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MacLink Plus for Os X

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As the MacWorld Expo approaches, the number of charred applications is growing, including some that have great relevance in the Mac world and that can be considered almost indispensable to accelerate the transition from the classic to the Os X environment.

This afternoon the news that MacLinl Plus DeLuxe also appears in the list. The tool for file translation and compatibility with the Windows world, now in version 13.0, has been compiled to be compatible with MacOs X. In Carbon MacLink version now able to take advantage of protected memory and real multitasking providing users with a more flexible and powerful tool. The interface also respects the type of Aqua

Few news in the field of translators. Forms for Word 2001 for Macintosh, Excel 2001 for Mac, Word 2002 for XP and 2002 for XP have been added.

MacLink Plus works, of course, also under MacOs 8 and 9 thanks to an "intelligent" installer, able to detect which operating system is being used.

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