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Lazaridis: "iPhone, phone for pleasure"

febrero 12, 2020

The iPhone is for a businessman like a camera is for a professional photographer. The comparison, one of the most salacious among those heard lately when it comes to outlining the profile of Apple's mobile phone use, comes from none other than Michael Lazaridis, CEO of Rim.

Lazaridis, considered the true mind that gave birth to the Blackberry, talks about the iPhone in an interview with during which he strongly emphasizes the "hobbyist" traits of the Apple phone in comparison with the solidity and professional specifications of the phones produced by Rim. “We are faced with – says Lazardis – two substantially different products. One a multimedia product, our Blackberry a tool for managers and advanced users. Even a 12-year-old could crack iPhone. Who wants such a thing? Our users put safety first. "

Apple still has to go a long way, according to Lazaridis, to get to the level of Blackberries, therefore, but not only for security reasons but also for other aspects such as the touch-sensitive screen. According to the CEO of Rim, iPhone users are not satisfied with the touch screen that does not allow you to write quickly and efficiently; the physical keyboard of the Blackberry most suitable for a "Pro" user. Rim is still evaluating the technology and some alternative solutions, confirms Lazaridis, in the field of touch screens.

Lack of security and absence of a physical keyboard are two elements that confer a disadvantage to iPhone compared to Blackberries, at least in the business sector. "It would be as if he wanted to meet the needs of a professional photographer – says Lazaridis – by giving him a disposable camera"

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