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ITunes spot with Coldplay and Leopard background

febrero 12, 2020

ITunes spot with Coldplay and Leopard background – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

New iTunes commercial. The traditional silhouette theme is revisited with new and interesting graphics.

The protagonists of the advertising film are Coldplay who play uViva la Vida, their latest hit taken from the CD of the same name (exclusively on iTunes). To characterize the scene are the profiles of the band members themselves, which appear in black and white as if they were in dim light; unlike other commercials for tones, the realistic, almost photographic trait, even if the lack of front lighting makes them more recognizable by profile and face. The movements, also in this case as in other commercials, are marked by a trail that follows the ends of the hands and instruments.

Another peculiarity is the background which to a user who is not involved in Mac things may appear simply psychedelic, but which in reality traces the colors and the look of the default background of Mac Os X Leopard. Also new in the final detail; after the title of the song and the name of the band (not always put in such great evidence) the apple appears transparent, a real "peephole" from which you can still see the "Leopard" background.

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