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How to remove location and other data from your photos on …

Most of today's cameras equipped in Android smartphones usually attach to photos taken of metadata in the form of EXIF. These generally include the date and time of acquisition, the make and model of the device, the camera settings and even the GPS coordinates relative to the position of photography.

Although all these metadata in photos taken on Android, they can be useful for photographers to better determine the composition of the image, also true that on the other hand that the exposed data may be sensitive, considering the presence of the position. therefore always better delete data EXIF from photos, especially when publicly shared and what we will show you how in this article.

Remove EXIF ??data from photos on Android: here's how

EXIF data can be viewed for any photo on Android via the app Google Photo. To eliminate them however, it will be necessary a third-party app like Photo Exif Editor. To delete the EXIF ??data then proceed as follows:

  • Download Photo Exif Editor from the Play Store;
  • Launch the app on your Android smartphone and grant the necessary permissions;
  • Now tap on the optionPhoto to select an image from your gallery;
  • Alternatively, you can tap onBrowse to select the photo directly from the file browser, what time it had a different position in the memory;

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